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Free Christian Children’s Programs October 15, 2008

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Posted on this site are programs that highlight Christian history and character. I have compiled and directed each of these programs at a church in rural Minnesota with a group of 20-40 children.

In my own search for good Christian programs for special occasions, I was easily frustrated either with the expense or content of other musicals on the market. Although the programs on this site are rather simple and not necessarily profesisonally formatted, I wanted to make these resources available to other people to use and modify based on their individual profile.

So enjoy reading through the scripts and if you find something that works for you, please let me know about it.

Blessings to you as you bless others in Jesus Name!


Easter Musical Wanted

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The last few years I’ve had a strong desire to discover (or write) a musical incorporating “Take Me In”, “My Deliverer” by Rich Mullins, and “Watch the Lamb” by Ray Boltz.

If you’ve seen even two of the three of these songs together in a musical, I’d love to know about it!


Jesus Must Be Really Special

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Jesus Must Be Really Special is a wonderful presentation emphasizing the importance of parents modeling Christian lifestyles for their children and serves as an effective program for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Children’s day. This short skit is adapted from the book Jesus Must Be Really Special by Jennie Bishop.

The skit is divided into 29 speaking parts; however, some children could have multiple parts for groups with less than 29 children. The parts are organized into groups for staging purposes. A staging diagram is provided at the end of the skit.


A Child Is Born

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A Child Is Born is a program taken directly from the Gospel accounts and supporting scriptures. This program incorporates traditional Christmas music and songs from other musicals.

This program is broken up into 17 speaking parts and could be adapted to include preschool children alongside the Elementary-aged children.

This is another simple program that could be organized and performed with minimal rehearsals.


Just Like You Promised

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Just Like You Promised is a program written to emphasize historical accuracy. The premise of the program is the Jewish expectation for a king to redeem them. It brings in a touch of Jewish history and portrayal of the scribes as well as representation of the magi from the east and the boy-child Jesus.

This program works best with Elementary student to adult actors. The songs are common Christmas songs intended to involve the audience as well as the actors.

This was a heavier program, and we received a lot of feedback from long-time adult Christians about aspects of Jesus birth and Jewish history they had never before considered.


Auditions Tonight!

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Auditions Tonight! is one of my favorite Christmas programs ever…probably because I love to take people out of their comfort zones. Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles came expecting the traditional Christmas program where they would see their favorite child smile a shy grin, say their line, sing a few songs and go home. To their surprise, they come to find they are the actors of the Christmas program.

This program is targeted for K-5th grade, but would also be great for middle and high schoolers. The children are actually the casting and wardrobe crews staging the Nativity. Audience members are brought up on stage to act out the Nativity.

The point of the program is that God used ordinary people to carry out an extraordinary event and today He still uses ordinary people like you and me…the question is, are we ready to say, “Yes, let it be as You have said.”

Grandparents still get to see their favorite child shine on stage through music. The songs are familiar and highlight the importance of living our lives for Jesus in today’s world.

The closing can come across a little “preachy” and you would probably want to adapt it to your audience.

This program gets the audience involved and creates some unexpected emotions. It is a simple program to organize, perform and stage. The children loved casting the roles and seeing their parents and friends tell the Christmas story and is one I can’t wait to do again!